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NanocompEIM in the physics world.
Mekufa are working closely with the NanocompEIM research project team researching the effects of Nano particles on the properties of filled resin systems used for HV & MV insulation.

The NanocompEIM consortium is made up of a core of three main research providers and four business partners who founded the project, ALSTOM Grid who are coordinating the project , GnoSys Global who is leading the overall technical management of the project and Southampton University a leading UK university in this field. In addition, the consortium includes MEKUFA UK Ltd, an insulator manufacturer servicing the electricity industry and the three UK Transmission companies National Grid, Scottish Power and Scottish & Southern Electric.

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A range of Bushings and Insulator designs can be produced to customers own requirements.
We have developed a range of cable assemblies using cast resin terminations and silicon rubber sheds. This type of termination system does not contain oil and is sealed for life and hence requires little or no maintenance.