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NRL Project

Project Description

Mekufa have supplied BRB & NRL roof and wall bushings, since electrification on the OHL 25KV network. The most recent was to replace the bushings along the length of eat coast mainline.

Both the roof and wall bushings, were installed as replacements for the 1970’s  oil filled porcelain designs, originally supplied by Permali

The current designs are based on the proven 1970’s condenser design, and updated with a silicone weather shed making a 100{8380fb7ee1735a5c7bf7e97863f87b3fcd1ce49bb06c8f188a7e16e2679a1ff8} composite construction.

Fully type tested at Southampton Universities.

The new designs are intended to be maintenance free over a 30 year service life and represent  a World best practice for the traction market..

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