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Mekufa UK Ltd provides insulation solutions for the power industry, with the additional ability to use our expertise in other fields such as water purification electronics, marine and oil industries.

We have the production capability to produce high integrity cast resin products using both vacuum castings and ‘Auto Pressure Gelation’ (APG). Using this casting expertise we can produce HT cables for the rail industry. Paper bushings SRBP compliments the electrical insulation range, we are currently working on bushings designed from 1950’s to the present day.

Additional activities and manufacturing processes include encapsulation/potting and the building of specialist machines for cable manufacturing and the distribution industry.


Mekufa’s vacuum casting shop is the largest in the UK. Vacuum casting is a flexible method, which can also be used for producing extremely large products however, it demands skilled operatives and that is one of the areas where Mekufa excels. Our extremely low staff turnover ensures that we maintain experience and skills. Mekufa personnel stand out with their commitment, integrity and high level of expertise.

This method of production yields one to two components per day of each tool.


Pressure gelation is used for the rapid and economical production of large quantities. This innovative process ensures that the properties of the thermo-hardening resin are fully maintained. Mekufa UK has the most advanced equipment which can cope with large and complex mouldings. This system is designed to increase output and lower component cost. The initial tooling costs are higher due to the requirement to use higher quality tool steel to avoid excessive wear. Applications include generators, transformers, bushings, switchgear components, instrument transformers and post insulators.


Design, Tooling, Production & Testing

Correct design is not only essential for the reliable functioning of an encapsulated device, the choice of method and materials can also have a dramatic effect on the finished cost.

There are a variety of reasons for encapsulating components including:-

  • Electrical Insulation
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Thermal Transfer
  • Safety
  • Working Environment

Engineers at Mekufa UK take all these factors into consideration when advising on the encapsulation of any component. Mekufa UK can also offer advice on meeting specifications laid down by many approving authorities. Parts can be tested to customer’s specification either electrically or mechanically.


Properties Include :- Good Dielectric Strength, Low Water Absorption, Low Weight 

Bushings may be fitted with aluminium or brass flanges and, in some cases, a “Tap” may be taken from one of the foils to provide a feed for a circuit protection device or for live line indication. Termination may be threaded, plain, milled or stamped to suit the application. Where there is a need to fit ring type current transformers the foil layout can be designed in such a way as to provide the necessary length of accommodation. In some cases this area may be banded with tinned copper wire to provide added protection to the bushing surface. Capacitance bushings, for outdoor use, are normally sealed into oil filled porcelain shrouds.

(formerly Permali Insulators)

This product was originally designed by British Rail engineers to carry 25kv when there was a need to move power in larger quantities over greater distances.

During 1980’s Permali Insulators (now Mekufa) worked with BRB to jointly design and approve the fully encapsulated and terminated HT Cable, replacing the original assembled design, in the late 1990s with use of more standard transformer connections, the T Connector cable was introduced and is used on many UK class locomotives, as well as many European and worldwide applications. This combines the fully encapsulated roof end with a T connection to the transformer.


Capmark/Mekufa engineers have designed and built equipment for all aspects of cable production and testing. These include optical fibre alignment devices, fine wire driven pay-off machines, wire scrapping machines, renovation and refurbishment of high speed pay-off devices, high speed length measuring recorders, accumulators, torsion testers and many other projects.

During all projects Capmark/Mekufa engineers work closely with our customers to ensure complete integration into existing processes by the use of imaginative and elegantly simple solutions where possible.

Capmark/Mekufa service includes full on-site commissioning of machines, maintenance, modifications and advice.


These insulators display high mechanical strength, outstanding adhesion to metal inserts, excellent compression and bending strength and good anti-tracking.

Extensive load/deflection tests have demonstrated their ability to withstand loadings greatly in excess of porcelain insulators having similar dimensions.

All Post Insulators are routinely tested at their rated 50 cycles test voltage for one minute. These insulators may be used under oil at voltages up to three times the rated voltage. All insulators have been type tested; information regarding specific tests is available upon request.

Standard Bushings, have been produced by us for over 50 years, using a vast range of mould components we can build a tool that offers a simple and cost effective solution.

Please contact us with specific requirements.

Test and Inspections

Mekufa offers the customer the opportunity to outsource incoming goods inspections, this means that the dimensions and physical properties of every product are carefully tested and inspected. The mechanical and electrical properties can also be tested in consultation with the customer. In fact, most of our products are accompanied by inspection reports. This ensures effective traceability of the products, from the time of raw material production to decades after manufacturing. Mekufa is fully ISO certified and seeks to maintain it’s systems by periodic review.

Test facilities include:-

DSE (Glass Transition Temperature)
HDT Heat distortion Temperature
HV electrical test to 100kv In house
Oil & Air Pressure testing. Etc.…

Moulding Tools

As part of its integrated quality management system, Mekufa develops produces, maintains and stores the moulding tools in-house, in view of the special expertise this requires. In-house storage also helps to fulfil orders promptly and accurately.

Your Logistics Partner

Mekufa produces products to customer order and maintains agreed stock levels. All customers can receive shipments on fixed days of the week and Mekufa UK handles all the logistics aspects including the arrangement of international shipping. The long term relationships between Mekufa UK and its customers mean that both parties reap the greatest possible benefits from the cooperation.



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